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 Patented Revolutionary Designs that Deliver the Promises of SES Technology!
  High Speed - Dependability & Fuel Economy - Low Maintenance & Operating Costs! 


The revolutionary designs and marine products from Harley Shipbuilding Corporation (and its sister companies) afford the optimum in design capabilities and deliver on the promised potentials Surface Effect designers have been trying to achieve for so long! There are many surface effect and similar designs that have come out and/or been marketed over the last two decades. All have excellent potentials, yet many drawbacks and limitations. The following listing sites just some of the many benefits of HSBC's designs and highlights many of the major issues and problems of the past that HSBC has solved and/or removed as problems with SES designs. As you read over these items, keep in mind, Harley designs have been extensively tested and proven! A working model is running and has been proving these claims for over three years! Interested parties are welcome to contact us to schedule a demonstration to see for themselves. Please refer also to the VIDEOS page of this site for a copy of our video of run tests of our demo, and other items to "see for yourself"!

  • 60 Knots PLUS operating speeds for large boats and medium ships (up to 900 ft)
  • Exceptionally shallow draft (900 ft ship operates in only 12 feet of water, smaller ships in much less)
  • Semi Catamaran design has large flaring hulls with huge cargo areas/multiple decks (larger ship models)
  • NO FLEXIBLE SKIRTS or SEALS to fail! Kevlar hulls are super strong and damage resistant
  • Highly stable design results in smooth rides/lowered stresses in ferries and ships
  • Yacht owners can achieve high cruise speeds AND exceptional fuel economies!
  • Hulls & superstructures are molded of Kevlar and can be customized to whatever need/size desired
  • Excellent characteristics and operational benefits over a number of different sea states
  • Added slice technology on larger yachts and ships brings even more additional benefits!
  • Research and Commercial vessels can easily run ahead of storms to port!
  • Research vessels and rescue ships can get to critical sites in a third of the time or less of other ships
  • Hull designs easily incorporate optional internal loading ramps and/or other unique options
  • Proprietary mfg process allows very high quality hulls & finishes produced in less than half normal time!
  • Surface rip high speed and economy drive systems use proven technology while reducing the cost and weight of such systems by up to and/or over 50%!
  • Custom mold and design capabilities allow production of ships for almost any custom need and size. Transport ships, Super high speed Military ships and Patrol boats, Research Vessels, Medium and Large Yachts and more! Special design capabilities allow for wider and larger platforms. As well, hulls in Kevlar are exceedingly strong and ultra light! Hulls can be produced at varying weights to result in potentially near unbreakable designs!
  • Harley is a proven and well known name in quality power boats and yachts for many years. A leader in quality and eye appealing design, HSBC delivers these same benefits in our SES boats, yachts & ships! 

                                                          COMPANY HISTORY

In business for over 30 years
as a well known, respected and top quality designer/manufacturer of yachts, pleasure boats and high speed ocean cruisers, Harley Shipbuilding Corporation and its affiliated companies have a record of innovation and high function design, with the highest level of quality and care. Howard Harley, the President/CEO of HSBC is a brilliant marine designer and inventor, with over 30 years experience and myriad patents to his credit. His view of SES ship technology has been like many others in the industry; it looks great, but it has been long on promise and short on delivery with seemingly endless problems and hidden difficulties continually encountered by most all the designs to come out to date. The negatives have often seemed to out weigh or at least greatly diminish the expected benefits, and we still await the real solution to take advantage of Surface Effect. As many others, Howard knew SE would work and only waited for the right design to truly make a high speed, high function and low operation and maintenance cost SE Ship a reality. Multiple designs of surface effect ships have come and gone, and more than a few have been built, with varying levels of effective return on the potentials of SE. However, the many problems, high maintenance and down time, and minimal returns encountered to date have not seemed to offer any reasonable ROIs or warranted much in the way of production of ships or large vessels. Simply, until now, no commercially viable and financially effective SES ships existed offering near the "leap" in capability, function and dependability SE would seem to promise. Everyone has been largely disappointed, even though some great new innovations and technologies have come from the efforts. Still, true SES potentials, we and many in the industry believe, have eluded us all, but we all keep trying.

However, in the late 1980's Howard put his ingenious mind and dogged determination to the task of solving this daunting problem. The result of years of work and trials was the first generation of Harley Surface Effect Ships. Now in fourth and fifth generations and patented around the world, Harley SES Ships actually deliver on the promise and the vision of Surface Effect technology. Yes! You heard right, they deliver and proven and tested demos are and have been in  operation for some time. It just simply works, and HSBC can prove it to your satisfaction! With a unique, and inherently strong and stable, proprietary Kevlar molded construction process, Harley SES technology produces ships hulls and superstructures of superlative strength, economy and Surface Effect capability! HSBC ships operate easily at cruise speeds of 60 knots +, like the 55 foot demo model seen running in this picture! They achieve great speed with equivalently impressive fuel economy versus normal shipping, and can even produce drastic improvements in fuel economy in work boats, pleasure craft and ferries. The US Navy was so impressed with the designs they invested in the technology and development of demos for military applications. Extensive testing and research have developed multiple designs and processes for  ships of amazing capability and that DELIVER true  optimal Surface Effect performance AND value!

 The value and promise of Surface Effect Ships? IT'S HERE TODAY IN HARLEY SES SHIPS! The 55 foot demo model shown above is up and running and proving every single claim we make on this site (and more)! Now Shipping companies can deliver at least four (4) loads in the time "normal" shipping takes to make ONE! In fact, our SES ships can actually nearly compete with air freight and for the time sensitive loads market! Ferry Operators can carry 3 to 4 times the number of passengers in the same time it now takes to make one trip! Work boats and commercial vessels can reach critical operations sites in half or a third the time or less, AND allow them to outrun storms to get back to port (smaller ships can operate over 60 knots)! Research vessels can reach critical sites in time to get the best opportunities, and smaller, faster, and more capable ships can be designed around virtually any need. HARLEY SES Ships will even allow for the creation of entirely new market opportunities for things never done before because they just weren't practical and/or couldn't be done before. HSBC's  ultra strong and light Kevlar molded hulls, made with their proprietary processes, are long on performance and have superior maintenance cycle, as well as lower costs to operate, versus aluminum, steel or glass configurations in other popular hull designs in the market today. AND, of prime interest to boat, yacht and some ship manufacturers, is the  exciting new proprietary manufacturing processes developed by HSBC which produce completely consistent and highest quality ships hulls and superstructures; potentially in a 1/5 of the time encountered normally! The labor savings and related costs alone to shipbuilders is potentially huge.

Think Surface Effect Ships (SES) technology with optimum performance, true fuel economy AND low maintenance costs is a dream? Think SES is on the periphery of marine design and not financially viable for the majority of shipping operations? Do you just assume it can't be done? Well spread the news, Harley SES Ships have arrived and proven, "IT MOST CERTAINLY CAN BE, AND HAS BEEN DONE!