Harley Shipbuilding Corporation
300 South First Avenue     Bartow, Florida 33830 USA
Phone: 863-533-2800 Office;  Cell:  863-712-5106
Email: h.harley@gte.net

 Patented Revolutionary Designs that Deliver the Promises of SES Technology!
  High Speed - Dependability & Fuel Economy - Low Maintenance & Operating Costs! 

High Speed, High Strength/Stability, Low Cost Operations SES NOW!

  • Harley's Revolutionary Patented Technologies Deliver: 
  • High Cruise Speeds - 60+ Knots / Shallow draft (3-12 ft) and VERY little wake!
  • NO Hull seals, skirts or flex items to foul or break!
  • Exceptional fuel economies / Substantial Maintenance-Operational Savings, AND crew cost reductions per load!  
  • Highly stable hull in most sea states = safe loads/comfortable rides
  • 900 ft shiploads go N.Y. to London in under 36 hours!
  • Ferries can make 4 times as many trips as currently!
  • Yachts can cruise over 60 knots on 60% less fuel!
  • Exceptionally strong, very high speed platforms for military operations and transports that need no port facilities and operate in under 12 feet of water (200-300 Meter)!
  • PLUS:
         Harley's proprietary new manufacturing process allows up to 500%  production increases of hulls & superstructures for HSB SES licensed ship and yacht builders!  
    Applications for Medium ships, Fast Ferries, Work boats, Military and MORE!
  •     AND, the Harley patented internal drive is a highly efficient, high speed and high fuel economy drive for medium & small ship, yacht and pleasure boat applications! This exceptional new drive system builds on proven technology of the past to deliver exceptional capabilities at half the weight and half the cost of existing systems! The new Harley Small Surface Drive gives small and medium boats & yachts up to 350% better fuel economy and substantially higher speed potentials when used with HSB's SES designed hulls!

True High Speed, Highly Stable, Low Maintenance/Operating costs Ships and Boats are HERE, NOW!  Harley SES Ships designs and patented internal drive systems are a Quantum Leap in marine shipping and travel capabilities for you! And they are available to you NOW, TODAY!

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