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 Patented Revolutionary Designs that Deliver the Promises of SES Technology!
  High Speed - Dependability & Fuel Economy - Low Maintenance & Operating Costs! 


Technical information, details and data on Harley Surface Effect Ships designs, Internal Drive systems and Manufacturing Processes are all patented and proprietary/privileged information. We have included a number of blue prints, drawings and pictures at the links below for you to review. Please note all such materials are Generation #1 items, versus the actual Generation #4 and #5 currently in use. However, they will serve to give you sufficient information and a solid basis of understanding of what the technology does, and to a relatively good degree, how it is accomplished! Companies interested in learning more and/or pursuing a level of licensing of one or all of Harley Shipbuilding Corporation's revolutionary products, processes and/or systems should complete the form on the VIDEOS page of this site and submit with their request. A Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete document will be sent to you for execution prior to ANY information and/or materials being released to you. For more information or to discuss the products, talk to the inventor and/or discuss licensure potentials, please email a request for a return call to Harley SBC. To do so, please click here: Information!

Links To Technical Information:
            Demo in Operation Demo Beached, 650 Foot Fast Transport - Military Theater88 x 26 ft Fast Ferry, Form Plug for Hull Portion
100 ft Fast Ferry
   Drawings of Various SES Models: 
            88 x 26 ft Fast Ferry
65 x 20 ft. Fast Ferry165 ft Crew/Work Boat,  200 Meter Transport (Shown in Military configuration) 
   Technical Details/Bullets:
            Copy of US Patent,
Features List, Benefits of Design Listing, Proprietary Mfg. Process Info,
            Harley Small Surface Drive Benefits/Features